Videos that I’ve posted and love…

re:stacks – Bon Iver

Jokes with Guitar – Demetri Martin

Yogi Bear likes Yogurt? – British marketing campaign

Noooo Reservations – David Letterman and Anthony Bourdain

Follow the Leader – One of the commercials we produced at BigEye Creative for the Arnold Palmer Hospital campaign

Aluminum Falcon?! – Adult Swim rendition of Star Wars

Knock, knock, knock… Penny! – I love Big Bang Theory and the bloopers are hilarious!

Alabama Shakes!

Victory is Mine!

Go the Distance – Fun FedEx commercial

Coeur de Pirate – lovely voice

And we’ll be swinging – I just love French bulldogs!

Christmas satire – David Sedaris reading “6 to 8 black men”

thy piano and thy blanket, they comfort me – Linus and his description of Christmas

Silence!  I kill you! – I just laugh at Jeff Dunham and his “friends”

Boy with a Coin – Iron and Wine

back to the start – Willie Nelson, Coldplay, and Chipotle

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