Cinquterre Apartments

Montale (Monterosso) – 5 double bedrooms: two of the double rooms have views of the sea. The other bredrooms (two doubles, one twin) have views of a serene park filled with beautiful pine trees. One of the bedroom has a small en-suite bathroom.

Weekly Rate for 6 – Mid season: 2600,00 Euro – Each Extra Guest Add 150,00 Euros

Daily Rate for 6 – Mid season: 390,00 Euro – Each Extra Guest Add 40,00 Euros

Meriggiare (Monterosso) – 3 double bedrooms and a wide breakfast hall plus a sea-view terrace for having breakfast and enjoying a glass of wine under the stars.  Mid-Season: 130,00 Euro.

La Lampara (Manarola) – Seemingly tight little quarters just for the 3 of us, but incredible views!  1 double bedroom and 1 twin bedrooms (both with great sea-view) and a bathroom with shower.  Weekly Rate for 3-4 people: 1650,00 Euro

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