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Please take responsibility…


 (via kind over matter)

This can be a biggie for me… every one of us taking responsibility for our lives.  I was having this conversation yesterday with a friend about her anxiety blossoming during the holidays.  She fusses over her kids and the grandkids, wants everyone to be happy, goes to great lengths to make sure the food is always prepared and perfect… and it’s already stressing her out.  She almost misses the chance to really see her family and love on them because she’s too busy.  I asked her, “Isn’t there a huge difference between saying to everyone ‘Don’t you see the effort I’m putting in here?!’ and wondering why they don’t fall over themselves to appreciate you versus seeing that everyone would be so pleased just to enjoy YOU while you’re all together?”

From Oprah’s Finale last Spring, she talked about the sign above:

“Nobody but you is responsible for your life. It doesn’t matter what your mama did; it doesn’t matter what your daddy didn’t do. You are responsible for your life. You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others. One of the best examples of this was Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor [TED talk here] who was on the show talking about the book, My Stroke of Insight. She was a 37-year-old, Harvard-educated brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke in the left part of her brain. She couldn’t speak or remember her own mother, but when doctors and nurses walked into her room, she knew from the right brain who was on her side. She could feel their energy. Dr. Taylor sent me a sign that I have hanging in my makeup room. It says, ‘Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.’ And I ask the same thing in my home and at my companies. Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for that simple but powerful lesson.”

The Birthday Project


What a great blog.  It’s Robyn’s 38th birthday and she asks: What if birthdays became less about getting stuff, getting attention, getting drunk and getting older and more about making the world a better place?  So, she dedicates her day to random acts of kindness, thus birthing….

Since we’re so close to Christmas, a time when most of us think about presents (giving and receiving), this seems so timely.  Check The Birthday Project out on Facebook.