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waiting, eyes toward Heaven


A baby boy.  The whole story changed with a baby boy.  But what took place before He was born?

I love the way this is written, how accessible the writer makes everyone in the story.  It’s a beautiful account of what it must have been like when Jesus left Heaven and moved into the neighborhood.  I love how human the angels appear, with the curiosity of a common cat; and how the shepherds seem to know with the wisdom of the divine.  Love:

first, Jesus

then, Others

finally, Yourself

Merry Christmas to all!!

Joy to the Powell… (World)


One of my favorite artists… I immediately smile when I hear the voice of Mac Powell, lead singer of Third Day.  This band, and this voice, have been with me intimately during a couple rough seasons of life and I think it’s almost a conditioned response that I break out in a grin when I hear him sing.

Joy to the World.  Third Day.

Reply with “Unsubscribe”


As a yoga teacher, I get the privilege of helping others refine their awareness.  And even with as much personal attention as I see cultivated on the yoga mat, I witness about as much de-sensitivity to our own bodies and their actions.  And no wonder, the world we live in doesn’t encourage inner quiet or deep periods of introspection.  Certainly not if you want to get ahead, advance your social status.  And with Facebook, blogs, social networking sites galore, we hardly have time to develop our own opinions much less turn down the noise coming from everyone around us.

So we occasionally cull friends on Facebook or take a break from our computers, aiming to limit our distractions. Admittedly, I have a couple friends that I’m not ready to “unfriend”, but I have Unsubscribed to their news feed based on the kind of posts they continually make.

And it hit me tonight… in the midst of all this judgment and negative selection, there is One who will never unsubscribe from me.  He is always at my side.  Even if we throw an open palm right in his face, or take his name in vain, God will never unsubscribe to us.  We could act in direct opposition to his intention for our lives, yet He will never set us aside.  He never grows weary of us.  He will never unsubscribe.  We are so blessed.