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“Plan A” and other options


For those of you who may only make it through mid-January with your resolutions…

Keep ’em simple, people. Nothing worse than facing discouragement a week or two in. Resolutions are daily tasks or situations that eventually become a lifestyle, not a chore.

Therefore, I’ll exchange my more vigorous resolutions (learn Italian fluently, own a cabin in North Carolina, walk down the aisle, be loved by a little French bulldog) for some easier, more immediately attainable alternatives. Like:

What and how I eat.  I want to juice 1-2 times a week (read: buy a juicer!) and eat smaller portions.  I also want to cut down on coffee (gasp!) and drink more green tea.

Living music.  Although Orlando isn’t a mecca for great shows, we do get some.  I want to go to more concerts. The last one was itty bitty at The Plaza but was such a BIG night of seeing Josh Ritter!  Up next: the Givers at The Social.

Budgeting. I have a steady job now, so it’s time to save money (read: pay off my debt) and put some away for travel.  I’m so glad we aren’t still on a dowry system. My savings account is wimpy.

Book borrowing. I love to read, but I would like to borrow more books from friends or the library than I buy.  The last time I moved I realized how many books I’ve collected and just how much books weigh!  I’ve given a ton of them away and now it’s time to release that accumulation habit.

Making a beginning…


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice; to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S Elliot

So it’s the morning of the last day of the new year.  So much potential in that (fingers crossed).  For many of us, 2011 brought so many ups and downs that it’s difficult to sort out what has happened.  I’m trying to avoid making too many plans for the Big Night and instead journaling with coffee: What am I leaving behind?  What am I moving towards?  What am I going to resolve from this past year?  What beginnings am I in the process of making?

In the midst of an ending, how do we create a beginning?  See the potential.  Know what’s ripe for change.  We’re always knee deep in the fodder of a new start.

It really helps me to see all that 2011 has brought to me – so much can happen in a day much less an entire year.  And that helps set things to right again – to see that 2012 has the power to be just as transformative, just as joyful, just as full and rich.  We’re blessed!  Let’s live like we are!