I was working on a blog, one primarily about yoga… and everyone was so kind and forthcoming with their feedback. Thank you!

So much has changed.  I assume there will be many changes yet to come in my life.  Those of you who know me well have taken this inner journey with me and know where I have tripped and fallen, how God has continually tugged at my heart, and where the two have snagged one another and allowed me to come right apart.  In a good way.

Instead of focusing on writing longer blog posts, I’m playing with a more visual storyboard of what intrigues me.  Some funny, some self-explanatory; some musical, others not.  Look for laughs, recipes, quotes, videos… you name it.

There is character in the Bible that has always made me smile; not by what he did, but because of his name.  Asher.  It means “happy” or “blessing”.  Brilliant.  Welcome to my Happy Days!

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