Monthly Archives: January 2012

“Plan A” and other options


For those of you who may only make it through mid-January with your resolutions…

Keep ’em simple, people. Nothing worse than facing discouragement a week or two in. Resolutions are daily tasks or situations that eventually become a lifestyle, not a chore.

Therefore, I’ll exchange my more vigorous resolutions (learn Italian fluently, own a cabin in North Carolina, walk down the aisle, be loved by a little French bulldog) for some easier, more immediately attainable alternatives. Like:

What and how I eat.  I want to juice 1-2 times a week (read: buy a juicer!) and eat smaller portions.  I also want to cut down on coffee (gasp!) and drink more green tea.

Living music.  Although Orlando isn’t a mecca for great shows, we do get some.  I want to go to more concerts. The last one was itty bitty at The Plaza but was such a BIG night of seeing Josh Ritter!  Up next: the Givers at The Social.

Budgeting. I have a steady job now, so it’s time to save money (read: pay off my debt) and put some away for travel.  I’m so glad we aren’t still on a dowry system. My savings account is wimpy.

Book borrowing. I love to read, but I would like to borrow more books from friends or the library than I buy.  The last time I moved I realized how many books I’ve collected and just how much books weigh!  I’ve given a ton of them away and now it’s time to release that accumulation habit.