The gift of sight


Dr. Joel Hunter, one of Central Florida’s leading LASIK eye surgeons, is asking for something unexpected this Christmas… glasses.  Hunter Vision 3D LASIK is teaming up with TIME Ministries to provide donated glasses to impoverished people in the Dominican Republic.  All used and worn glasses they collect will be delivered in 2012.

Dr. Hunter, the son of Dr. Joel Hunter at Northland Church, said of this effort: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to change people’s lives. I know it seems ironic—a LASIK practice working to put people in glasses. While 3D LASIK provides an end to the inconvenience of glasses, afterwards, we’re left with pile of specs that have lost their purpose. I’m thrilled we can re-use them in this way.”

If you have an old pair of glasses tucked away that you can deliver to this cause, here are the two drop-off sites:

Hunter Vision 3D LASIK
RDV Sportsplex
8701 Maitland Summit Blvd., Orlando

Northland, A Church Distributed
530 Dog Track Road, Longwood

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