Martin Luther Rubik-king


Ever thought about recycling something ordinary into extraordinary art? …

This incredible piece is actually fashioned from 4,242 officially licensed Rubik’s Cubes.  Weighing roughly 1000 pounds, is was formed from cubes that had been “reversed solved” or twisted so that one of the faces maps it’s nine stickers into the image of 38,178 stickers total.  Pete came up with the idea of using the cubes to create something in a dream.  Hence: “I have a dream…”

The construction process took a little over 40 hours and the final installation to about five and a half hours with 6 volunteers helping.  An organization called You Can Do The Cube rented the cubes to the artist.  It was on display during an art competition in Michigan in hopes that it would sell, but after the allotted time, it did not and was dismantled.  At least we have pictures here so we can still enjoy the process and the completion.

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