Vanity cards


If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan like me, or you watch Two and a Half Men, you might have noticed the white background and a screen full of words after the credits.  These are Executive Producer and writer Chuck Lorre’s aptly named “Vanity Cards” that he posts at the end of each episode.  Intriguing.


I believe that there are two forces struggling to dominate this country. Reinvention and nostalgia. The first seeks to imagine and work toward a better future by changing the status quo. The second insists that things were better in the past and works to undo change. Oddly, the opposing forces have come to be represented by colors. Blue and red. It’s no secret where my sympathies lie. I’ve always been a big fan of reinvention. My life is a testament to it. There is simply no way that a scared, sickly, vaguely educated kid from Long Island gets to live the life he’s living now without being willing to scrap old, unworkable ideas and start over (Of course it helped that I didn’t have a rosy past to feel nostalgic towards). Which brings me to the point of this vanity card. I’m confused by people who seek to return to a life that wasn’t that great to begin with. Oh, I get it if you used to be the ruling class. If your childhood memories include watching your granddaddy sip a mimosa on the veranda while being serviced by the upstairs maid, then sure, nostalgia makes sense. But, if you’re like me and didn’t know anyone who had a veranda, let alone a maid, let alone an upstairs, then why not consider reinvention? Maybe we can make this country a better place to live. It’s certainly a more exciting way to go. You know, an uncertain future, filled with mystery and adventure. Of course, if nostalgia wins the day, if we are to attempt to reverse the course of history, then I will do my best to cooperate — starting with bangin’ me some household help.*

*Relax, Celia. It’s just a joke.

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