Manifesto ~


My Personal Manifesto (in progress)

Drink water.

Invite friends out to play regularly.

Love God.

To be happy, make others happy.

Respect your opponents.

Be loved by an animal.

Treat your body well.

Ask questions.

Live and interact through both Truth and Grace.

Each year should, if possible, include a mountain, a beach, and a couple planes.

Be responsible for your feelings.

Don’t date someone that doesn’t choose you back.

Stop being perfect.  It doesn’t exist.


Hug others often.

Go ahead and cry.  It’s not shameful or embarrassing.

Let every day remind you why you’re worth loving.

Learn how to intentionally relax without books, TV, radio, other people, etc.

Experiment with walking away from your comfort zone rather than towards it.

Laughter is a gift from above.  Exploit it.

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