pood forn ;)


Ya gotta love food.  Some of us love cooking food.  Some love looking at food.  Here are a few great food blogs I love…

Joy the Baker – Joy has a passion for food and photography… and sweets made with avocados.  She takes the most delectable pictures and I love her spunk – she’s an Angelino!  She even has a fuzzy orange companion that makes his way into some of the best posts!

Peas and Thank You – A veggie Mom, former attorney and now stay-at-home foodie, who loves to feed her family and her world right!  Not only does she talk “reci-peas”, she also includes ways to connect with your community.  Check out her post about One Warm Coat and how her family decided to keep their neighbors cozy during the cold.

Savory Simple – A culinary school graduate and food traveler… she gives all kinds of flavors a go and, while the pictures make each sweet or savory bite seem easy to make, there are incredibly complex flavors in some of these recipes!  What about Pear and Blue Cheese Tart?  Tell me you wouldn’t take a huge scoop of Basil Olive Oil Ice Cream, just to try it!  And doesn’t Curried Pumpkin Apple Soup sound delish?

kiss my spatula – I love pictures of food… savory, frosted, sweet, whipped, garnished, and baked.  But I almost love pictures of places more… chipped house paint, fields of flowers, market days, cobbled roads, chairs outside doors waiting for a bum, open windows, narrow, foreign alleyways, cats on windowsills.  You can find both here.  This girl lurves Paris.  We’d be friends 😉

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