Last time I visited my friend Jen, I got her started on the habit of drinking Green Machine from Naked Juice.  This is someone who refuses to eat anything that makes it’s own hair.  Or avocados.  Or fish.  Much less a drink of spinach and blue green algae and apples and kiwi puree and spirulina.  This was big.

This time around, it’s Raspberry Kombucha with Chia seeds.  Proud of you, Jen!

Chia seeds pack a punch.  Rich in Omega-3s, these little seeds are high in protein and fiber and when taken regularly, they are a great way to start your day… and your digestion!  Kombucha is fermented yeast and is an excellent source of probiotic health. Just don’t shake the bottle before opening or you’ll wear more Kombucha than you’ll get in your mouth!

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