I completely missed this today.  Siesta.  We give cats a hard time for it, but oh, what good it would do for us to pause at midday.  In Italy, the piazze (local city centers) at mezzogiorno (noon) are filled with locals, catching up with friends, smoking cigarettes, possibly having a coffee.  Certainly not working.  Not for hours.  It was perplexing to watch and also so refreshing.

I found a wonderful blog post today called “No Shame in Stillness“.  In it, the author inquires about whether or not we were actually meant to “make the most” of every day.  She pauses to ask if her value really does lie in her busy-ness.  And she gives valuable options for reclaiming stillness that don’t have to be labeled, as she puts it, as “laziness, self-indulgence, or worthless navel-gazing”.  Having just spent a weekend of complete r&r at the beach, I can relate.

via Under the Apricot Tree

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